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  • unlimited access to a new set of 30 life-changing meditations every month
  • a daily email with a comforting message and meditation for every day of the month
  • a space for comments and conversations with our wonderful community members

The February 2023 meditation journey is Love, Gratitude and Abundance! This series will not be returning again until 2024, so if the theme interests you...

May you let this be your day to treat yourself...

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Our soothing meditations can help you give to yourself the love and support that you need and deserve...every day.

As you experience each empowering meditation, you will travel deep within your heart.

You will quiet the mind, calm the nervous system, and bring healing and support for the soul.

If you have experienced any rough patches in life...

and we know that we ALL have...

our meditations will help you return to your centre, your balance ... your heart.

And what does your heart want you to have?

Everything you truly desire ... presence and peace, vibrant health, love and abundance, compassionate relationships, meaning and purpose, intuition and ease, freedom and happiness!

Whether you're new to meditation, or you've been meditating for a while, these powerful meditations can be your KEY to creating and living the life you truly desire.

The moment we turn our focus from the external world to our inner world is the moment we begin to awaken to the truth of who we are.

When that shift in our consciousness happens, we find ourselves on the path that leads us home...home to our heart and soul.

During each monthly 30-day meditation journey, you will be connecting more deeply with your body, mind, heart and soul.

From this place of deep connection, you are able to release old patterns and belief systems that no longer resonate with your true essence.

As you gradually release the old, stagnant energies, you will be creating space for your inner wisdom and inspiration to rise up within you and guide you gently forward into a more expanded and authentic YOU.

I encourage you to begin each monthly meditation journey with an open heart and a commitment to yourself to set aside approximately 15-20 minutes every day for your meditation practice.

When you commit to the process... empower yourself to allow the messages contained within these meditations to sink into the safe and sacred space of your heart and soul.

The meditations will offer you a respite from the busyness of life...

a solace...

an opportunity to pause and regain your inner calm...

an opportunity to soothe your beautiful soul.

In time, you will cultivate a more compassionate approach to yourself and those you care about.

You will become more present in your daily life.

You will become more aware of your state of being, and better able to maintain a kind and peaceful presence... no matter what is going on around you.

YOU are stronger than you know.


Your transformation begins on the inside first, and then expands outward, to the external, physical dimension.

As within, so without.

The February 2023 meditation journey is Love, Gratitude and Abundance! This series will not be returning again until 2024, so if the theme interests you...

May you let this be your day to treat yourself...

Start Now with your 7-day free trial     (risk free, cancel anytime)

A few more words about the me time meditations... 

Our meditations can help you fast-forward the expansion of your heart because...

You will be absorbing life-changing information and insights through meditation -- the time when your heart is most open and receptive.

In addition, the soothing soundtracks contain binaural beats, which help you enter a deep (alpha, theta or delta) state of relaxation and receptivity.

The positive and loving meditation messages will enter your consciousness through your heart. This will allow you to fully integrate these insights into all aspects of your being -- into your heart first... and then flowing into your body, mind and soul.

We typically learn through our mind first, and then have difficulty transferring that learning into our hearts and emotions. These meditations offer a solution to this human limitation by bringing the insights in through the heart first.

As you find your perspective shifting without the usual struggles of the mind, your process of expanding into a life of greater intuition and ease will happen faster and more easily than you may have thought possible.

Let me know if you have any questions ( 

Mary ❤️

Here's what people are saying...

I'm sleeping better than I have in 10 years!

~ Kim D, US


I HIGHLY recommend the me time meditations.

There have been times when I was feeling low, a certain me time meditation picked me up and gave me the clarity I needed.

I now have my favourites, I would never want to live without.

Mary definitely has a gift.

~ R. Bednar, US


I had been feeling overwhelmed with life.

I'm now feeling centered, and calm. I felt a release, and so much lighter...thank you.

~ Verna, US


I love how this meditation makes me see all the abundance in my life.

My mind is now clearer and calmer. 

~ Sam, Australia


I went straight to sleep after meditating last night, so peaceful and relaxed.

Such a feeling of warmth throughout the body.

Thank you.

~ Jen, UK


The me time meditations have impacted my life in the most profound way. I was living in a free fall, emotionally, financially and considering my age 57. I started to see myself going nowhere and accomplishing nothing, or having nothing to show for.

These meditations gave me hope and peace. I feel things are shifting for me in the right direction. I am finally able to smile and be happy again. My daily anxiety and nightly panic attacks are something of the past. I feel I am on my way to manifest all my dreams and desires.

Thanks to you, Mary, and the me time meditations.

By the way, I tried several other guided meditations before. I believe yours is the best one and works like magic for me.

I feel the benefit and value I have received exceeded the money I paid. It was the best and wisest investment I have made on my self.

~ Abe Elbakkari, US


Simply wonderful.

Thank you for this positive guidance towards wholeness and who we truly are.

~ Barbara, US


I have been feeling achy in my body and a sense of general un-wellness for a couple of days. Woke up this morning feeling still achy and unwell, and as this guided meditation progressed I started to feel better in my body.

At the end, I feel such a sense of lightness and well-being.

Thank you so very much for sharing your light with us.

~ Samantha R, Canada


Amazing! I just woke up and felt sleepy. I opened the windows and did this meditation and now I feel peaceful and energized.

~ Cindy, UK


I have found the meditations from Mary Freeth to be supportive and nurturing on a daily basis.

This offering from Mary is so much more than a collection of pre-recorded meditations. Mary is available on a more personal level to stay connected and provide more focused meditations as needed.

The variety of meditations - topics and length - allow me to tap into what is most needed at the moment.

Over the past few months, I have found Mary's meditations have helped me find peace and comfort and I am so grateful.

I have also found a sense of awakening and motivation that has been life giving!

~ Mary Beth Garrett, USA


Before starting the meditation today, I was feeling overwhelmed with life. I'm feeling centered and calm now. I think I will do this again today, as I felt the release, and so much lighter...thank you.

~ Vince, US


You are an amazing guide, Mary. Your Presence is Peaceful and Inspiring. Yes, Peaceful and Calm.

I love the comfort of your consistent approach to getting into a meditative space, Mary.

~ Cheryl, US


Thank you, Mary, for all the love, help and support you have shown me over the last very difficult year, by listening to your meditations.

They have certainly helped me.

I would advise anyone to listen to these before their stress and anxiety get too bad.

~ Sue, UK


I listened to the meditation and was amazed as to how lighter I slight throbbing and tension in my neck had almost gone away...I love it and am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow..thank you!

~ Lily, AU


I just had my first session yesterday and brought me to tears. Space in the heart is something I truly need right now. Thank you for what you do!

~ Linda, UK


I find that the energy just keeps accumulating as I use these meditations everyday! I love how they make me feel.


Mary’s soft hypnotic voice, her calm slow, manner of speaking and use of appropriate music make this one of the best gifts to give yourself!

I am a seasoned meditator and have not heard better.

~ Sandra Brown, Canada


The February 2023 meditation journey is Love, Gratitude and Abundance! This series will not be returning again until 2024, so if the theme interests you...

May you let this be your day to treat yourself...

Start Now with a 7-day free trial   (risk free, cancel anytime)


Feeling so happy and grateful. Wow! :)
Thank you, Mary, for your gentle and strong guidance toward my transformed life!
You are truly a blessing.

~ Janet, US


Mary’s me time meditations are definitely one of the best programs out there. She has a soft and calming voice that relaxes you the minute she starts your journey.

I have and would recommend these to anyone.

~ Irene, USA


Mary has such a heartfelt way of soothing my mind, body and soul.

The words she chooses to express herself with resonate with me entirely. I feel a wash of relaxation come over me and her meditations bring out my most blissful self.

Thank you, Mary. Please forever keep on being you and shining bright.

~ Abbie Brill, France


I have listened to lots of meditations, but Mary's voice is the most calming I've heard. Beautiful!

I suffer with anxiety and depression, and Mary's voice so chills me out.

Thank you so much, Mary.

~ Shaun Magee, UK


I absolutely love Mary's voice, which instantly soothes me....and gets me into the correct frame of mind for meditating. The music used in each meditation is also spot on! I released much tension in each meditation and from time to time felt quite emotional. I know that I would benefit from continuing on with the meditations.

~ Carol, Scotland 

(Carol joined the Monthly Meditation Journeys just after she wrote this testimonial.)


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your membership at any time and you won't be charged again.


I'm not on Facebook, is there a place for me to interact with the group?

Yes! We have discussion boards where you can post, ask questions, reply to others, etc. inside each section and below every meditation. These do not require Facebook and provide an active discussion forum among members.


Are the 30 monthly meditations ours to keep and refer to anytime?

With the $7 per month Meditation Journeys, you don't keep the meditations forever, but you always have 30 meditations to listen to as often as you want every month within your member area. 

Here's how it works...

On the first of each month, the previous month's meditations are replaced with a new set of 30 meditations. 

This offers our members lots of variety and an opportunity to start fresh each month.

So, for those who are joining now, you'll have unlimited access to this month's 30 meditations - until the end of this month.

Each day, you'll receive an email with a direct link to your daily meditation. 

All you need to do is open the email and click on the link, which will take you directly to the meditation for the day. Your 30 meditations are housed within your member area, which you have unlimited access to.

You can choose to listen to one meditation each day or you can browse the 30 meditations and listen to any of them as much as you want throughout the month.

For just $7 per month, our members are loving the way our mini-membership is working for them.

Also, there's no risk or long-term commitment, as you can cancel at any time if you find it's not for you.


The February 2023 meditation journey is Love, Gratitude and Abundance! This series will not be returning again until 2024, so if the theme interests you...

May you let this be your day to treat yourself...

Start Now with a 7-day free trial     (risk free, cancel anytime)

3 Modules

Love, Gratitude and Abundance ~ February 2023

February's 30-day meditation journey is ... Love, Gratitude and Abundance! 

In this series, we will travel deep within ... into our inner state of love, gratitude and abundance.

We will systematically get rid of old limiting beliefs and replace them with the truth of our existence, which is this...

We are all beautiful beings of love and abundance.

As we spend time appreciating our true nature of love and abundance, we access the creative energy of the universe to bring our dreams, desires and wishes into our physical reality.


Your transformation begins on the inside first, and then expands outward, to the external, physical dimension. As within, so without.

Modules for this program 3
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