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Founded by Mary Freeth in 2020, the Inner Circle is a peaceful online space for daily meditation practice that supports and encourages you to care for yourself, love yourself, and expand into a greater version of YOU.

Join the Inner Circle and access over 200 meditations for all levels. Explore short daily practices, deep guided inner journeys, theme-based weekly or monthly series, and an opportunity to connect with a one of a kind global community.

Access the full MeTime Meditations library and let your heart guide you to the meditations that speak to your soul on any given day.

Whether you're new to meditation, or you've been meditating for a while, these empowering meditations can be your KEY to creating and living the life you truly desire. ❤️

What Awaits You:

✨ All the Benefits of our Monthly Meditation Journeys (primary membership) PLUS:

Unlimited Access: Dive into our extensive meditation library, featuring over 200 meditations and 13+ curated meditation journeys. 

Explore Limitlessly: Whether you seek calming daily meditations or specialized journeys, the power is in your hands to choose what resonates with your unique journey.

Exclusive Content: Enjoy premium content, including advanced meditation techniques, expert-led sessions, and member-exclusive series to deepen your practice and enhance your spiritual growth.

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Community Priority: Gain priority access to our vibrant community, ensuring your voice is heard and your meditation journey is supported. Connect with like-minded souls on a deeper level.

How It Works:

Seamless Integration: Enjoy all the benefits of the Monthly Meditation Journeys seamlessly integrated into our premium all-access pass membership, The Inner Circle. 

Growing Library at Your Fingertips: Your access is not just to a collection; it's to a living, breathing library that grows with you. Discover new dimensions of meditation and mindfulness whenever you desire.

Continuous Growth: Access exclusive content to advance your meditation practice. There are no limits to your personal growth journey.

Global Connection: Experience the power of a global community of like-minded people. Connect with fellow members from around the world.

Real Results Await:

Prepare to unlock your inner power and step into the life you were meant to live—a life brimming with endless possibilities, love, peace, joy, health, and abundance.

As a valued member of the Inner Circle, you gain access to our complete and ever-growing collection of MeTime Meditations...and more!

Each meditation invites you into your heart-space, where you effortlessly absorb fresh insights and messages of love, peace, joy, health, and abundance.

With each new day, you'll find yourself embracing life more from your heart and less from your mind, and that's where your transformation happens.

Our meditations blend powerful techniques of meditation, mindfulness, and hypnosis, effortlessly guiding you into a state of heart-centered receptivity and relaxation.

MeTime Meditations will empower you to...

LET GO of whatever holds you back in life, and

LET IN the peace, strength, health, confidence and energy that will allow you to transcend into the greatest version of yourself.

As you listen...

Simply be willing to shift your perspective.

Be willing to see yourself and the world differently.


Your transformation begins on the inside first, and then expands outward, to the external, physical dimension.

As within, so without.


I have found the meditations from Mary Freeth to be supportive and nurturing on a daily basis.

This offering from Mary is so much more than a collection of pre-recorded meditations. Mary is available on a more personal level to stay connected and provide more focused meditations as needed.

The variety of meditations - topics and length - allow me to tap into what is most needed at the moment.

Over the past few months, I have found Mary's meditations have helped me find peace and comfort and I am so grateful.

I have also found a sense of awakening and motivation that has been life giving!

~ Mary Beth Garrett, USA

Introducing your Host, Mary Freeth:

Hello beautiful souls! I'm Mary Freeth, and I create heart-centered meditations focused on love, peace, joy, health, and abundance. ❤️

I worked as a Registered Nurse for nearly three decades and looking back, I realize that most of my life revolved around the art and practice of caring for others. I cared for my children, my friends and my loved ones. I cared for my mother when she became sick and eventually passed away. I cared for my patients and my colleagues when they were going through life's difficult moments.

As I reflect back on those days, I wouldn't change a thing about the time and effort I have given to caring for others, but if someone had told me about the necessity of also giving care and love to my mind, body and soul during those years, I might have avoided some of the over-giving that eventually left me feeling depleted.

For me, it was such a huge relief when I finally found a way to rest and fill myself up again - through the healing practice of meditation.

Meditation was the one thing that turned my life around when I was on the road to burnout, fatigue and depression.

Back then, my new daily practice of meditation became a lifeline for me and, being a giver, I didn't want to keep it all to myself. I had to share the news. I had to let others know what I had found out.

I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I wanted, no needed, to help others find the relief, peace and happiness that I had found through the timeless practice of meditation, and so I dove into researching how to create highly effective and soothing guided meditations.

I signed up for a lot of courses and classes and after I learned all I could find to learn, I started creating meditations. I haven't stopped since and I have no intention of stopping. I love this work and I love creating beautiful and heart-centered meditations for those who are ready to give themselves the love and nurturing that is necessary in order to thrive in this world.

Here are the ingredients that I put into each guided meditation...along with a big dose of love of course... 

Because we are all unique, with different learning preferences, I incorporate a variety of meditation styles into our meditations.

You'll find aspects of mindfulness meditations, hypnosis therapy, visualizations, positive affirmations, breathwork, yoga nidra, as well as my own inspired writings that often flow through me and into my journal during my personal meditation time.

I sought out the best composer and musician (in my opinion) for the soothing background music - the amazing Christopher Lloyd Clarke.

And here's the cherry on top - a big reason why these meditations are so highly effective... I add in binaural beats and brainwave entrainment technologies to help you sink into a deep and receptive state of relaxation. 

What you will find here is unlike the other 'big box' and impersonal online meditation programs and apps that are out there. I don't have a glamorous sales page and I don't have a team of marketers and promoters making flashy promises.

There's just me...speaking from my your heart. 

I am here personally to welcome you and walk with you during each meditation. I have set up our online meditation sanctuary to give you a feeling of a small and intimate space that you might find in your local community.

Our members are comprised of beautiful souls from all over the world who have walked through our virtual doors and found rest and transformation within our welcoming meditative space of inclusion, warmth, comfort and peace.  

Are you ready to embark on this journey of self-discovery and inner peace? Join me in our meditation sanctuary today.

With love and peace,

Mary ❤️
Founder, MeTime Meditations

Unlock Limitless Possibilities for your Life:

Join the Inner Circle today and let the universe of infinite possibilities unfold before you. This is your invitation to a richer, more transformative meditation experience.

Take advantage of a limited-time offer at a discounted rate of $9.5 USD per month ($114 billed annually) - a significant discount from the regular price of $24 per month.

36 Modules

Alphabetical List of Over 200 Guided Meditations

Duration - 10-15 min

Duration - 15-20 min

Topic ~ Anxiety and Stress

Topic ~ Health and Wellbeing

30-Day Series ~ Less Stress, More Ease

Welcome to 30 days of less stress, more ease.

Each meditation will bring you into your heart-space where you'll easily absorb fresh insights and messages of love, joy, peace, abundance and endless possibilities. 

With each new day, you'll find yourself living more from your heart and less from your mind, and that's where your transformation happens.

These meditations all range from 10-15 minutes in length.

30-Day Series ~ In Presence and Peace

As you take this journey into greater presence and peace, you will find yourself living a more heart-centered life, and when this happens...

...may you remember to stay open to new opportunities and synchronicities that will be presenting themselves to you.

30-Day Series ~ Awaken to your True Self

Fast-track your journey of awakening as you move with ease and grace into a life of deep purpose and fulfillment!

With all of the chaos, uncertainty and stress swirling around our planet at this time, we have an opportunity to choose HOW we want to show up in the midst of it all. 

Each meditation will bring you into your heart-space where you'll easily absorb fresh insights and messages of love, joy, peace, abundance and endless possibilities. 

With each new day, you'll find yourself living more from your heart and less from your mind, and that's where your transformation happens.

30-Day Series ~ Connected and Inspired

During this 30-day series, you will be connecting more deeply with your body, mind, heart and soul.

From this place of deep connection, you are able to release old patterns and belief systems that no longer resonate with your true essence.

As you gradually release the old, stagnant energies, you will be creating space for your inner wisdom and inspiration to rise up within you and guide you gently forward into a more expanded and authentic YOU.

The meditations in this series all range from 15-20 minutes in length. 

30-Day Series ~ Compassionate Relationships

Transform your relationships through compassion and love, as you deepen your connections ... and establish healthy boundaries where needed.

30-Day Series ~ Finding Relief from Pain and Stress [New, In Development]

Finding Relief from Pain and Stress is a new series that I am creating by request from one of our dear members. The purpose is to provide comfort and support to those who are currently dealing with physical and emotional pain.

This series is still in draft form. I'm going to be narrowing it down to 30 meditations, but you'll see that there are more than 30 at this time.

If you'd like to try out some of these meditations and offer your suggestions on which ones you find most helpful (and most unhelpful) for those times when you are experiencing pain and stress, I am open to your feedback.

You are welcome to leave your feedback in the comment sections under the individual meditations.

Modules for this program 36
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