Our Beautiful Membership Community

Our Beautiful Membership Community

Join the Inner Circle for unlimited access to over 150 transformative meditations for all levels. 

Explore short daily practices, deep guided inner journeys, theme-based weekly or monthly series, and an opportunity to connect with a one of a kind global community. 

This is your one stop shop for meditations, self-care, creativity, wellness, and all things me time

Whether you're new to meditation, or you've been meditating for a while, these empowering meditations can be your KEY to creating and living the life you truly desire.

Start today to participate in a transformative 30-day meditation journey of Less Stress, More Ease!

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN (risk free, cancel anytime)

The Less Stress, More Ease series is designed to help you move through your day with greater ease and peace.

Each meditation is just 10-15 minutes in length...easy to incorporate into a busy day.

The themes are varied in order to offer you a well-rounded experience.

As you listen to these meditations over the next 30 days...

Simply be willing to shift your perspective.

Be willing to see yourself and the world differently.


Your transformation begins on the inside first, and then expands outward, to the external, physical dimension.

As within, so without.

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN (risk free, cancel anytime)

I encourage you to begin this 30-day meditation journey with an open heart...

and a commitment to yourself to set aside approximately 10-15 minutes every day for your meditation practice.

When you commit to the process...

you empower yourself to allow the soothing messages contained within these meditations to sink into the safe and sacred space of your heart and soul.

The meditations will offer you a respite from the busyness of life...

a solace...

an opportunity to pause and regain your inner calm...

an opportunity to soothe your beautiful soul.

During our 30 days together...

you will cultivate a more compassionate approach to yourself and those you care about.

You will become more present in your daily life.

You will become more aware of your state of being, and better able to maintain a kind and peaceful presence...

no matter what is going on around you.

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN (risk free, cancel anytime)

A few more words about the me time meditations... 

Our meditations can help you fast-forward the expansion of your heart because...

You will be absorbing life-changing information and insights through meditation -- the time when your heart is most open and receptive.

In addition, the soothing soundtracks contain binaural beats, which help you enter a deep (theta) state of relaxation and receptivity.

The meditation insights will enter your consciousness through your heart. This will allow you to fully integrate these insights into all aspects of your being -- into your heart first... and then flowing into your body and mind.

We typically learn through our mind first, and then have difficulty transferring that learning into our hearts and emotions. These meditations offer a solution to this human limitation by bringing the insights in through the heart first.

As you find your perspective shifting without the usual struggles of the mind, your process of expanding into a life of greater intuition and ease will happen faster and more easily than you may have thought possible.

If you are new to our community, the Inner Circle is a monthly membership of unlimited heart-centered meditations, and there is no obligation to stay past your first 30 days. You can choose to cancel at any time. 

Ready to Join Us? 

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN (risk free, cancel anytime)

Let me know if you have any questions (contact@MeTimeMeditations.com). 


P.S. Here are the titles of the 30 meditations that you will be experiencing during your first 30-day meditation journey with us... 

Day 1 ~ Power of Being (10:00)
Day 2 ~ Shining your Light (13:33)
Day 3 ~ Release Worries & Regrets (11:11)
Day 4 ~ Your Heart's Desires (13:24)
Day 5 ~ Worthy to Receive (12:51)
Day 6 ~ Healthy Body Meditation #2 (14:55)
Day 7 ~ Shifting into Abundance (11:04)
Day 8 ~ Grounded and Flexible (14:14)
Day 9 ~ Self-Care Commitment #1 (13:48)
Day 10 ~ Energy Boost v.2 (15:00)
Day 11 ~ The State of Abundance (14:55)
Day 12 ~ Drinking Plenty of Water (13:33)
Day 13 ~ Trusting Yourself (13:30)
Day 14 ~ Multiply Your Blessings (10:00)
Day 15 ~ Love and Abundance (10:10)
Day 16 ~ Healthy Body Meditation #7 (14:00)
Day 17 ~ Journey of Abundance (13:37)
Day 18 ~ My Energy Field (10:00)
Day 19 ~ Tension Relief (15:00)
Day 20 ~ Financial Abundance (15:00)
Day 21 ~ Healing Fountain (10:00)
Day 22 ~ Seeing through Disguises (12:32)
Day 23 ~ Body Appreciation (14:10)
Day 24 ~ Receiving your Desires (10:26)
Day 25 ~ Your Peaceful Place (12:55)
Day 26 ~ Self-Care Commitment #2 (13:22)
Day 27 ~ Calling In the Money (14:24)
Day 28 ~ Loving Your Body (12:28)
Day 29 ~ Slowing Down (10:19)
Day 30 ~ Endless Possibilities (11:03)

CHOOSE YOUR PLAN (risk free, cancel anytime)

26 Modules

Full List of Over 150 Guided Meditations

30-Day Series ~ Compassionate Relationships

Transform your relationships through compassion and love, as you deepen your connections ... and establish healthy boundaries where needed.

Health & Wellbeing

Duration - 10-15 min

Duration - 15-20 min

Modules for this program 26
CHOOSE YOUR PLAN (risk free, cancel anytime)

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