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We offer heart-centered meditations for the givers, the nurturers, the carers... for those seeking...

  • rest and comfort
  • passion and purpose
  • presence and ease
  • connection with divine inner wisdom and guidance
  • release from past pain and regrets
  • true freedom and happiness

We welcome ALL humans, all countries, all cultures, all faiths, all ages, all genders ... all souls!

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Available Programs

Meditations for the Giving Soul [FREE]

The 7 meditations in this series have been carefully chosen to support you in...

  • strengthening your daily habit of caring for yourself, and
  • giving yourself the love and kindness that you need and deserve in order to thrive.

You'll have free and unlimited use of these 7 soothing meditations for the next 14 days.

Monthly Meditation Journeys

This is our mini-membership program...priced at the lowest possible amount so that everyone has an opportunity to join.

Your membership includes...

  • unlimited access to a new set of 30 life-changing meditations every month
  • a daily email with a comforting message and meditation for every day of the month
  • a space for comments and conversations with our wonderful community members

The February 2023 meditation journey is Love, Gratitude and Abundance!

The Inner Circle - online meditation sanctuary

This is our premium membership program.

Includes unlimited access to our entire meditation library - ALL meditations and ALL monthly meditation journeys.

Weekly Newsletter

If you're not already on our email list, sign up here to receive approximately one email and meditation every week.

We'll also be letting you know whenever we have a special update or offer for you. You can unsubscribe any time.

Healthy Body Affirmations

Get 30 affirmations over 30 days + 30 free meditations to support your journey!

Using positive affirmations to improve your health is powerful because... affirmations harness the Law of Attraction. 

The result? You feel better about your body and make better decisions for your health. 

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