Healthy Body Meditations - lifetime access

These 10 empowering meditations are laser-focused on bringing you into your optimal state of health and wellbeing.

Each meditation contains:

  • 3 empowering Healthy Body Affirmations
  • soothing and professional background music
  • binaural beats to bring you into a relaxed (theta) state of receptivity


You're getting a beautiful PDF of the 30 Healthy Body Affirmations, which are incorporated into the meditations.


You're getting the following 7 Bonus Meditations to help you release stress, pain and anxiety ... and increase your energy, self-care and wellbeing:

  • Self-Care Commitment #2 (13:22) 
  • Energy Boost v.2 (15:00) 
  • Relieving Anxiety (15:00)
  • A Safe Place to Deal with Pain (21:21) 
  • Physical Healing (15:00)
  • Raise Your Physical Wellbeing Frequency (20:00)
  • Sleepy Train (55:00)

You'll have LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL 17 health-enhancing meditations, which you can return to time and time again, depending on what you need on any given day.

NOTE: If you are an Inner Circle member, you already have access to these meditations in your meditation library.

THE 10 Healthy Body Meditations ARE FOR THE PERSON WHO WANTS TO...

  • reduce stress, tension and worries
  • feel balanced and centered more of the time
  • feel energized and excited about life
  • strengthen the mind, body, spirit connection
  • access inner guidance to improve health habits
  • become an energetic match to optimum health

HOW DO THE Healthy Body Meditations WORK?

Each meditation brings you into your heart-space where you'll easily absorb fresh insights and messages of health, energy, confidence and peace.

With each new day, you'll find yourself living more from your heart...and less from your mind.

You'll find yourself feeling inspired to take daily actions that contribute to your greater health and wellbeing.

All meditations contain soothing background music with binaural beats to help you enter a deep (theta) state of relaxation and receptivity.

Yes, there is an aspect of hypnosis therapy in the meditations...that's one reason why they work so well for people (see testimonials).

As you listen to these meditations...

Simply be willing to shift your perspective.

Be willing to see yourself and your body differently.


Your transformation begins on the inside first, and then expands outward, to the external, physical dimension.

As within, so without.

Here's what people are saying about Mary's Meditations...

I HIGHLY recommend the MeTime Meditations. There have been times when I was feeling low, a certain MeTime Meditation picked me up and gave me the clarity I needed. I now have my favorites, I would never want to live without. Mary definitely has a gift.

Mary has such a heartfelt way of soothing my mind, body and soul. The words she chooses to express herself with resonate with me entirely. I feel a wash of relaxation come over me and her meditations bring out my most blissful self. 

I'm sleeping better than I have in 10 years.

Thank you, Mary, for your gentle and strong guidance toward my transformed life! You are truly a blessing.

Felt a wave of relaxation all over my body. Namaste.

Brilliantly powerful yet simple to understand and apply. Will relisten often.

The visualization is great. Will be coming back to this meditation as I believe it will help with physical healing. My injury felt less painful just from the few minutes.

I find these meditations both healing and calming.

I find that the energy just keeps accumulating as I use these meditations everyday!  Love how they make me feel...️️️

You are an amazing guide, Mary. Your Presence is Peaceful and Inspiring.Yes, Peaceful and Calm. I love the comfort of your consistent approach to getting into a meditative space, Mary.

Beautiful! I feel so much healthier.

Full of energy... love it!

Thank you! The energy I feel is much better! Ready for my day ahead!

Mary’s me time meditations are definitely one of the best programs out there. She has a soft and calming voice that relaxes you the minute she starts your journey. I have and would recommend these to anyone. 

Transformative and allows for release and ease.

Mary’s soft hypnotic voice, her calm slow, manner of speaking and use of appropriate music make this one of the best gifts to give yourself! I am a seasoned meditator and have not heard better. 

Mary has the most beautiful calm voice ever. She has the ability to soothe the body and soul I often fall asleep at night just listening to her voice.

Amazing! I just woke up and felt sleepy. I opened the windows and did this meditation and now I feel peaceful and energized. I have been feeling achy in my body and a sense of general un-wellness for a couple of days. Woke up this morning feeling still achy and unwell, and as this guided meditation progressed I started to feel better in my body. At the end, I feel such a sense of lightness and well-being. Thank you so very much for sharing your light with us.

Such a peaceful and relaxing meditation. I felt like I was floating as I healed my cells. Just so lovely. Thank you. Xxx

I just had my first session yesterday and brought me to tears. Space in the heart is something I truly need right now. Thank you for what you do!!! Second day and a New or a better version of me has started to take over and I feel so much better! Thank You.

Hi Mary, as I do this meditation every day, I am feeling much more calm. Feeling the warmth throughout my body. I am enjoying hearing your calm voice. Letting go of some stress regarding being in lock-down. Feeling peaceful. Thank you.

Feeling so warm and relaxed, more confident and peaceful! Can't wait to see how I feel with tomorrow's meditation time! I love how soothing your voice is, it is perfect!

I listened to the meditation and was amazed as to how lighter I slight throbbing and tension in my neck had almost gone away...I love it and am looking forward to doing it again tomorrow..thank you!

Love the slower pace and soft voice - relaxing and empowering!

I would just like to thank you for your beautiful meditations. I adore them. I am so full of gratitude for you. Thank you for your love and care. Sending love and light your way from Dublin, Ireland.

The background frequency immediately put me into a relaxed state. Thank you.

Mary's meditations and affirmations are changing my mindset of who I am and who I can be. One day at a time, they chip away at my internal belief that I do not deserve to be successful or happy, and that if I were to be successful it would somehow make me a cruel, unfeeling person, out of touch with the world. Here I am watching my beliefs getting flipped upside-down yet again.

Amazing experience - having struggled for days with severe stomach ache and nausea, which had made it near impossible to relax and sleep. This meditation really helped. Very grateful and can't wait to share this with others I know who are in a similar position.

Transcending, transformative, lovely. Thank you!​

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund 100% of your money within 30 days.

NOTE: If you are an Inner Circle member, you already have access to these meditations in your meditation library.

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